As an investor of Hilton Head Beach Real Estate for most of the last 20 years, Chuck will share with you tips, tactics, and knowledge that he has accumulated in the Real Estate industry.  As the owner of Hilton Head Hideaways, a Vacation Property Management company, and a Licensed Realtor, he has lots to share!  Throw in his long professional football career and years in Manhattan in the financial services industry and Chuck Zapiec has built a life time career producing resultz.

May 26, 2014

Want to be a boater?

People move to Hilton Head all the time and are looking for a turn-key business that they can buy.  Here is a great listing for a turn-key Charter Sailing Business.

Turn-Key Sailing Chater Business - Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island, SC (Beaufort County)

Asking Price        $112,500                              

Gross Income       $40,000                

Cash Flow            $14,000                

FF&E      $70,000 1983 Morgan Sloop, supplies and equipment    

Dockage            Leased Slip                        

Established         2005                      

Employees          1-2 FT, 2-4 pt     


Business Description

Unique opportunity to own a well established multi-passenger sailing charter business.  This well recognized charter vessel has been successfully operating in the beautiful waters surrounding Hilton Head Island since 2005 by the current owner, and for a total of 21 years when including the operation of the previous owner.


This is a USCG inspected and documented vessel and is rated for 24 passengers, plus the captain, and mate.


The business offers sunset sails, dolphin and wildlife tours, along with private group sails.


This is a fully turn-key operation to an operator with the necessary USCG captain's license requirements.  The sale of this business includes the fully outfitted, and USCG inspected vessel, name, website, and operating supplies and equipment.


A truly wonderful lifestyle business opportunity.


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May 15, 2014

10 Things Every Hilton Head Buyer Should Know

Things are Hilton Head happen a little differently, and there are some fees the Town of HIlton Head and the Communities themselves charge at all Real Property Closings.   If you are planning on buying on Hilton Head, you need check this out.

If you would like additional information about Transfer Fee's, Attorney's and Closings on Hilton Head Island, talk to Chuck. 

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May 6, 2014

East Vs. West


Frequently we have families re-locating to Hilton Head from the Northern States, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey seem to be three states that have people headed down in droves, and after this past winter, we can't say we blame you.  It is not all that often that we hear of families moving to HHI from the West Coast, but that is exactly what Megan and Charlie did in 2009.   Having lived in Northern California for most of their life, Megan was a Child Psychologists, and Charlie a teacher, they were looking for a change.  They had decided to come to Hilton Head for just 2 years,  to give their children, then twins age 4 and a 2 year old, the experience of living at the beach.  They had family in Kiawah, just south of Charleston, and thought Hilton Head would be the best place to set up camp for a couple years. Like many, they rented first, because they weren't staying here forever. 


Many of the best laid plans change, Megan and Charlie absolutely fell in love with Island Life, the weather, activities, and friendships they made would last a lifetime.  In 2011, they bought a beautiful home overlooking the Port Royal sound, and they have no intentions of ever leaving.


What started as a temporary relocation from beautiful Northern California, has turned into solid roots on our little island.  Oh, and their family in Kiawah...they now live on Hilton Head too.  


If you are looking for a change, give me a call, I would love to help you explore your options on Hilton Head.

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May 1, 2014

FEMA Announcement

Many in the Real Estate market and industry have been waiting to hear what FEMA was going to do about the ever increasing Flood Insurance Prices.  Here is the latest from FEMA courtesy of Hilton Head Island MLS.


It's Official!


The people spoke and FEMA listened!


The Flood Insurance reform that consumers demanded will address the unintended consequences from last year's FEMA flood insurance overhaul. 

Due to recent disasters which cost everyone billions, NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program of FEMA) had to revamp the program and bring it in line with actual risks; resulting in the 2012 Biggert-Waters Law. FEMA also updated the flood zone designations and flood maps causing hundreds of thousands to be cancelled and renewed at, in some cases, unreasonably high premiums and influencing real estate everywhere. 

As of May 1, 2014, the 2014 Flood Insurance Affordability Act. comes to fruition. This Act allows a new property owner to assume the old policy at the old rate; plus it applies to second homes, businesses, and lapsed policies as well.  It also grandfathers changes in mapping, and, perhaps most importantly, sets maximum annual rate increases at 18%.


April 12, 2014

Things to do on Hilton Head



There are many things to do on Hilton Head, Fishing, Golfing, Biking, Tennis, Restaurants!!!  Chuck is an avid tennis player and also loves this activity off the beach in Harbour Town!   




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April 12, 2014

How's the Market

How's the Market?
I frequently get asked, "Hey Chuck, how's the market?"  and people are looking for a quick answer.  The market on Hilton Head is in a recovery stage.  The good news for buyers is that there are still tremendous values to be found on Hilton Head.   The good news for a lot of the sellers on Hilton Head is that due to the high level of consumer confidence, prices are starting to rise  and many are finally able to put their home on the market, and not be 'upside down'
Long term rentals are at a premium on the island these days, as many folks who were holding on to second homes to avoid a loss, used them in the long term rental system to recoup some of their costs.  Many of those owners have since been able to list and sell those homes.

Combine the low, 2003 prices, with the historically low interest rates, and this could be the best time in your lifetime to invest in that "House at the Beach" you have always dreamed of.
April 12, 2014

Benefits of the Short Term Rental Market

I have been buying, selling, investing and managing real estate on Hilton Head for almost 20 years and have learned quite a few things over the course of that time.  One of them is that Vacation Rental Properties produce 2.5x the Net Rental Income versus a Net Long Term Rental Income.

Another one of the surprising findings is that homes in the short term VACATION RENTAL system are Cleaner and Better Maintained than those homes that are either vacant for months at a time, or are used for long term tenancy.   One of the reasons is that malfunctions or un-cleanliness are reported sooner by Vacation Rental Guests than by a Long-Term Tenant.  Vacationers have higher expectations and demands that need to be addressed immediately since they are only on vacation for a few days or weeks.

The List of Top 5 Calls are;

Problem 1: Clogged Drains and Toilets

Problem 2: Leaky Faucets

Problem 3: HVAC Malfunctions

Problem 4: Pest Infestations

Problem 5: Lockouts

In a Vacation rental Home, the Guest can't get to the phone fast enough to call the property manager to report any of the above; and they expect the malfunctions to be fixed immediately.

As compared to a Long term tenant that doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with the property manager.  And in the worst case scenario, a leaky faucet, clogged drain or pet infestations can go on for months causing structural problems and ruining your home before being addressed.   

Once you've placed the responsibility of managing your Vacation Home in our Hands, we relieve the stress of all the problems that can go wrong with a Vacation Rental Home.  Our responsibility back to you is to resolve guest’s issues, keep your property in good repair, collect your rent and provide a readable statement along with a monthly check! 

If you are planning a trip to Hilton Head, and would like to talk about the income potential of homes in the Vacation Rental Market or improve the quality of care for your current property, call me.

Feb. 12, 2014

How to Sell Your Home on Hilton Head Island

Finding the right agent to sell your home on HIlton Head Island, probably one of your largest assets, is not an easy process.  There are so many agents out there who do a tremendous job.  They will give you advice, tell you to de-clutter, tout their brokerage firm as the best, market, market, market.  I am here to tell you we do all that and more. 

When you are looking for your listing agent, there are a number of questions you should ask, aside from the obvious, everyone will tell you very similar things.    At Hilton Head Beach Real Estate, Chuck has always gone above and beyond when it comes to advertising and marketing.  He has proven this with the success of this vacation rental management company Hilton Head Hideaways.  He advertises in more markets, more media, and more specifically than any other agent on Hilton Head.  Not only that, but he is affiliated with Weichert, one of the largest real estate companies nation wide.  Combine his passion for effective marketing, with the Weichert name, and all they provide, and your property is going to get REZULTS. 

MLS-Chuck uses the MLS System and because he is an agent with Weichert Coastal Properties, his lsitings on all the major realtor sites receive upgraded listing status.  Boldly promoted on, Zillow, Trulia, etc.

Print- Many agents use print media, but advertise your Hilton Head Island home only as a small thumbnail amongst a large number of other listitings.  Your home will receive its own ¼ page ad in one of the many local magazines.


Video-Not only is Chuck a regular contributor to the Real Estate News on WHHI, he then takes that link and sends it out to his proprietary database of 21,000 people, all of whom love Hilton head, visit Hilton Head, live on Hilton Head, or plan to re-locate to Hilton head.

Staging and photography-These things make a huge difference, pairing with a professional photographer, using color and light to highlight your home will make your interior and exterior features shine.  I love using overhead aerial photography and with the new drone technology, this can be achieved at a much lower cost than when you had to depend on a helicopter or airplane to get the shot.  Imagine the surprise of the beach goers when they see a drone flying overhead.



Price Point-  This is a sticky subject and one area that may make or break your decision to work with a specific agent.  In todays market,  if the price is right, your house will sell.  Things are not sitting long on the market the way they were a few days ago.  Chuck will analyze the comparable sales in your neighborhood and help you find a price that works for you, and will get you under contract as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  Our goal is to get your house...



Jan. 12, 2014

Football, Penn State, Integration and James Franklin

What James Franklin should know about Joe Paterno and Penn State’s Football History.

What a tremendous coup for Penn Sate to hire James franklin.  Our thanks must go out to our indomitable Athletic Director Dave Joyner... And may I dare give credit to his Mentor, Jo Paterno. The national naysayers can say what they want about Penn State’s perceived lack of ethics … we have many deeds from the past to back up our ethics – and I mean acts of right mindedness and courage – our well runs deep with decency.

 46 years ago Penn State was the first major college football team in America to integrate African Americans with white Caucasian roommates – that’s right, roommates not just teammates. In 1968 the ACC only had 1 African American on a football team (Maryland) in their entire Conference and the SEC had zero African Americans playing any sport. 
1968 was the hottest Summer of the Century, and I mean more than the temperature. Martin Luther King had been assassinated that April, Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June and in August the Democratic National Convention in Chicago exploded into uncontrollable Anti-Vietnam War Violence at the Convention to name the Democrat’s Presidential Nominee.

Amid all that public dissention and turmoil, a young and gusty Brooklyn Italian coach named Joe Paterno, decided to integrate football roommates at Penn State. To my knowledge at that time, there were no other integrated football roommates in America.

At that time, we were still a racially divided nation – only 4 years after the Civil Rights Act. 
Due to Joe Paterno’s Vision (i.e., Guts), Penn State in 1968, had 2 fully integrated football roommates; from South Jersey France Harris roomed with a Philly kid named Gary Gray and another South Jersyite, Lydell Mitchell, roomed with a second Philly guy, Charlie Zapiec.

Now we have an African American Coach, from Philadelphia, PA. Joe Paterno’s plan of full integration has been completed, 46 years later. What do the ethics judges have say about that? Thank you Dave Joyner for completing JoePA’s plan.
PS: Penn State went undefeated in 1968 and 1969. We wish the same results for the next 2 years for our new Coach, James Franklin.
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Dec. 28, 2013

Life Style, Life Style, Life Style

Living on Hilton Head is about the life style.  It is like no other place on earth, tucked deep down in South Carolina, Hilton Head Island is the second largest Barrier Island on the east coast, and measures approximately 12 miles long by 5 miles wide.  Most likely known as a tourist mecca with fantastic golf, beaches, and tennis, Hilton Head is also a fantastic community of year round residents.

Many of our permanent residents come to HHI repeatedly for vacations, and then fall in love with the life style the island affords.  There is so much to do on HHI, and the best part of it all is that most is free, or very affordable.  Even the golf is affordable with many opportunities to pay "Local" rates, join golf clubs, etc.  

Mixed in with all these amazing activities are fantastic restaurants, great shopping for all budgets, and family friendly amenities for children of all ages.  If you are thinking about moving to HHI and have school age children there are a multitude of school options from public to private and each one is just as great as the next.  

Just this week, we have been to the driving range with our kids, the beach, and the indoor pool.  Living on Hilton Head is about getting out and experiencing the island and all the Lowcountry has to offer.  Come down, visit, have fun, and quite possibly find yourself as a full time Islander.


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